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luie hond

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King of Kings(Swalmen) Joop&Boy (Den Bosch)


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Volbeat,Tiger Army,Nirvana,Deftones,DCCM etc..

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luie hond hat 6120 Tattoos mit durchschnittlich 6.9 bewertet und 227 Kommentare geschrieben.
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no idea what i`m looking at.. maybe when it`s finished :)

pizza salami


When the skull is human it must be big to fit on the girls head. Roses are not looking realistic comparing to other parts and the rose above has a strange shape on the left side. Don`t know if she wears a mask or paint on her face. Conclusion to me is that it`s a strange combo but i make an acception this time because i can`t help loving it. so 10 points from me ♥

why did you cover your bellybutton with a cross??(..just asking) looks like 2 artists did the job..the heart looks pretty amazing for example comparing to some other parts.. wings and hands need some atttention from another artist who can improve the state it`s in right now. the cross should not be there in my opinion..


love the colours and position. had some doubt after the one leg argument but the moderater solved this problem with the photo so 10 points

i think you should change the edgie roses in your style. the banier could use some flow. for the rest a pretty solid tattoo

don`t know if you still can call this tattoo asian since parts of it are done in a realistic way instead of the original cartoonish style. there`s also a lack of black in the background to call it an asian. but still a very nice colourfull tattoo.. [edit]- bearbeitet am 07.04.2016 um 22:58 -[/edit]

I'm sure it means something positive

the combination anchor and drums makes not much sense to me..but still it could be a great piece when it`s finished

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greetings from Germany.
I Love your red-rose-Tattoo!
It's great!

Have a nice weekend

CU Julia




Just wanna say hello :)

Hey! Thx! Now I am at Sebastiaan :-) Han went to Stuttgart...

thx for the coment

thx for your 10 points...and that it deserve more than a 7 :) you've some nice ones too...

you got some nice OldschoolOldschool-Tattoos suchen tats! love the volbeat one and your newest!


Vielen lieben dank ;). Deine Tats sind ja mal mega.


hey luie hond,
sprichst du jetzt deutsch oder nicht?
deine tattos sind alle very nice.
liebe grüsse from nurnberg. ha.


I don't want stalking ;-)

merry christmas for U and your family

oh, thank you for the compliment :)
yours are really nice too!!!
kind regards

schöne Tattoos, gefallen mir, Gruß

Hartelig welkommen oder so. Grüße aus Köln

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